Friday, 12 December 2008

Incorporating Yoga As a Way of Life

Our health is very important to us. However, whenever we are ill, most of us generally resort to drugs prescribed by a doctor. Now these drugs may be effective to a certain extent and for a certain period.

For example, if you have arthritis, then the doctors might prescribe painkillers so that the pain subsides. However, prolonged use of some, like painkillers, can damage the liver and other parts of the body.

A popular solution is yoga. Nearly anyone can practice this, while it helps fight the illness issues.
Yogic exercises help eradicate the root of the problem. It is an ancient Indian art of exercise, and boasts several long-lasting benefits. Some of them are as follows:

- Stimulation of all the organs of our body.
- Keeping the body supple
- Curing chronic diseases
- Maintaining an emotional balance

Meditation Practice

Yoga combines discipline and meditation. Meditation forms an integral part of the yogic way of life. While meditation is often useful, even required by some, to relieve mental tension and stress, it also helps to achieve a balanced state of mind, which is very important in the process of healing.

It helps restore flexibility, well being, poise and inner strength. And it renews us from the inside and empowers us with a sense of well being and confidence. So yoga heals not only the body but also the mind.

Here are a few guidelines while practicing :

- This activity must be practiced in a place with proper lighting and fresh air.
- The environment must be calm and peaceful.
- The ideal time to practice yoga is either early morning or in the evening.
- Always perform any kind of exercise on an empty stomach.
- If possible, perform this at a fixed time everyday.
- Wear light clothes in the summer to prevent sweating.
- Make sure your dress is loose to allow free movements of the body.
- Do not wear any kinds of accessories while practicing.
- The seating should be comfortable.
- While performing, observe complete silence.
- Do not breathe through the mouth; breathe through the nostrils while doing this activity.
- Do not perform yoga if you suffer from breathing disorders.
- If you suffer from blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases, avoid certain yogic postures.
- Taking a shower after doing this might help you refresh your body.
- Do not start with the most difficult Yogic posture at first. Maintain the prescribed sequence.

Massage in your Practice

This activity massages all the internal organs and glands of the body. So you don't have to go to spas and massage parlors and dole out hundreds of rupees, dollars or other types of funds for a single massage. You can do it yourself with Yoga.

Yogic exercises ensure the right amount of blood supply to different organs. This regulates the blood flow in our body. And yoga also helps in the efficient working of the endocrinal system, which helps in keeping our hormonal levels balanced.

The ultimate aim of yoga is enlightenment, which can be achieved after years of practicing. For now, you can focus on this as a means of better and healthier way of living.

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