Sunday, 4 March 2012

Get Better Results From Your Yoga for Weight Loss Program

Yoga has been around for an estimated 5,000 years, however there are still plenty of people who have not tried it. Today many of these people are considering using yoga for weight loss and general health. For anyone who wants to start, there are a few things to consider. Once you have that in place, the process of taking up yoga really is simple - and you'll be surprised how much fun you have. Not only that, certain yoga has been shown to be highly effective in reducing anxiety and building confidence. Yoga also used by professional sports athletes to increase flexibility and decrease the chances of serious injury. This ancient art form can truly offer something to everybody.

Without a doubt the most important aspect of any keep-fit regime is the overall priority on losing weight. Many will look at yoga and wonder how it can be useful in a weight loss program. Can you even use yoga for weight loss effectively? The honest truth is that classic forms of yoga which are recognizable to most people may not directly assist in weight loss. These forms of yoga are more suited for dexterity, flexibility and overall health. It's important to note that several yoga disciplines (ie. Kundalini, Bikram, etc.) are highly effective in helping lose weight.

For those looking to try and lose weight with yoga, it is vital to support your exercises with a balanced diet so that you get the nutrients needed. You then add daily exercise to burn excess calories. The majority of yoga forms practiced in Europe/North America are not cardio-vascular exercises (those which elevate your heart rate in order to burn extra calories). These yoga exercises do, however, increase your core strength and breath control and this in turn will make it easier to run, jog and perform other types of cardiovascular exercise that assist with burning fat.

If you have serious demands on your time or you cannot add two additional exercises to your weekly schedule, then you may be interested in Vinyasa or "flow yoga". This is a style of exercise which is markedly more athletic than the classic forms and involves more exacting poses. Vinyasa yoga will speed up the weight loss processes and get you to your final weight loss goal. Choosing the correct type of yoga is important, but it's safe to say using yoga for weight loss can be highly effective.