Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Using A Premium Yoga Mat - For Health And Happiness

How Important Is My Mat For My Practice?

The answer to this question is that other than your mind, your mat is the most important thing you have when you practice. Choosing the right mat for your needs is not so easy as it might seem, and the color is not the number one issue here. Many people go for the pink or black yaga mats because they like the colors and the style, and it is true that yoga have become a very stylish trend. However, it is not advisable to choose a mat according to these superficial criteria, and you must remember that it this mat needs to support you during a physical workout. Your mat is there to help you go about your yoga practice without worrying about safety and slipping from poses while sweating half-way into the practice. There are a number of important points to remember while heading out to the store and getting your mat, and color is the last one on that list, at least when it comes to safety.

Having a loud pink-colored mat might be safe when it comes to being spotted easily by passing traffic while you are riding your bike to and from your favorite yoga center. On the other hand, it is far less important while you are actually practicing, and for the actual practice it is always better to have a premium yoga mat that is made out of high-quality materials and that can hold your hands and feet from slipping and sliding over. The most important thing to know while choosing a yoga mat is the level of stickiness. The stickier it is, the better and safer it is to practice on, and some can hold you even while you practice out in the rain. The colors that are used for dyeing the mats are too often slippery enough to shake even the teacher off his balanced pose, and it is highly recommended for beginners and experienced yogis as one to use a super-sticky yoga mat.

A Premium Yoga Mat Is A Green One

When I say that a high quality mat should be green, I'm not talking about the actual color of the mat itself. I am talking about the materials it is made of, and the environmental impact it carries. Be it the manufacturing process or its ability to break-down and not hurt the planet, getting a good mat means you are getting an ecological one and that you are doing your share as an aware person and helping the planet survive. The popularity of the practice of yaga in the west has come hand in hand with the new movement for ecological awareness, and I am not the first to claim that it is not by chance alone. Taking the step towards becoming a yogi is taking a giant leap towards awareness and self-discipline.

Being aware means you are taking responsibility over actions and choices, and thus know when you are doing right or wrong. This responsibility starts with awareness to your own body and your own personal health. This is followed by a stronger awareness for your surroundings and your friends and family. Choosing a yaga mat that is better for your practice and for the world in general symbolizes the decision you are taking upon yourself when you choose to enter the world of yoga. It is important to always remember that your health is the most precious thing you have, and that your practice is all about enhancing your stamina. It will be completely ridiculous to practice in a way that hurts your body and your spirit as you will be missing the entire point of the practice. Choose the right mat for your body, and do not be tempted by cheap merchandise made from materials you do not want to have near your body.