Tuesday, 27 January 2009

How Bikram Yoga Can Change Your Life

Yes it is true, the advantages that Bikram Yoga will give you can ultimately change your perspectives and change your whole life completely. Bikram yoga is also known as Bikram Method Yoga and sometimes called the ‘hot yoga’. This yoga method builds both your physical and mental strength and also improves your flexibility and balance, all of which are very important in your overall health.

Bikram yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury and has roots from Hatha yoga, which helps to heal the mind and body. Bikram suffered an injury in a weightlifting accident and it was as a result of this injury that he developed this type of yoga. He discovered some healing benefits within some of the exercises he practised and then went on to share his discovery and Bikram yoga has since gone on to be practised by many, many people.

This type of yoga helps to bring holistic benefits to those who practise it and it is usually practised for its healing benefits. Many people have found that their ailments have reduced significantly after practising Bikram yoga for a a few weeks.

It does take some devotion to Bikram yoga to really get the full healing benefits from it. You can’t just do the poses once and expect to be healed, it is a process that takes time, but it is definitely worth doing and once you begin to feel the benefits you can continue to practise the method to maintain your health.

Bikram yoga helps to repair tissues and cure chronic ailments. This has been studied by scientists from the University of Tokyo and found to be true and it was stated that this method does have the ability to affect the body internally.

This method works by replenishing the cells and flushing toxins through our body. It also helps to oxygenate blood through our body helping to keep it clean and healthy. The method will be much more effective on a healthy body than it would on a body that is weak so it is beneficial to practise the method regularly to maintain that good health.

There are twenty six posture exercises in Bikram yoga which should be practised every day for optimum health. These focus on stretching muscles, tendons, nerves, glands, organs and ligaments.

Anyone of any age can practise Bikram yoga and will find that it could help to assist and perhaps even overcome some medical problems and I am sure that if you are devoted to your yoga practise you will enjoy a very healthy life.

By: Sheryl Polomka

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