Thursday, 15 January 2009

Peaceful Kids - The Effect of Children's Yoga

Yoga for Children is great, the combination of special yoga moves, breathing exercises and relaxations will energize, strengthen, loosen and balance little bodies, while helping to calm and control and relax little minds. Regular attendance provides a wonderful opportunity for the child to learn life skills that can be incorporated into their daily routine.

The skills they improve take place across a very wide range they are all useful and almost all are uniquely well taught within yoga, from breathing and relaxation techniques, helping the child to focus, concentrate or be calm, and this extends into postures that will help their endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Yoga for children is most successful if the children are encouraged to use their imagination. A dynamic, creative and stimulating approach grabs the children's attention.

Kids get to prowl, growl and wiggle through yoga animal poses from Alligator to Zebra! Certified children's yoga instructors are available, and they are well able to introduce stretching, breathing, standing poses and simple meditation to their young pupils.

Kids yoga also provides away into the psyche of children who are harder to reach and may not respond well to less physically based tuition, although we do apply our creed which states that every child has an good heart down inside them. There is a great capability within yoga to allow a child to deal with daily stress, and this speaks very deeply to them. Kids need a way to manage all of their stress and anxiety and yoga definitely helps in buckets with that. It is not healthy for a child to feel so much anxiety over any given situation and thank heavens for yoga to be able to match the challenge.

Yoga for children is certainly one way to ensure that our children grow up healthy and happy. There many schools of yoga. For example, the principles Yama and Niyama reinforce the universal values such as Truth, Non-violence, Cleanliness and contentment. The Asanas help a growing child develop physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Yoga for children comprises of dynamic movements, postures, breathing exercises and meditations and many more. Is it any surprise that the easy and simple stages of yoga tuition for children has proved to help the attention-deficit and hyperactive child far more than you would expect..
At its best yoga for children employs varied imaginative exercises, games, stretches, relaxation and breathing techniques to enable your children to become more confident and more aware of themselves and their bodies.

Through Yoga they are also encouraged to think in a caring, sharing way about each other and the world around them.

Yoga for children should always be at its simplest level a safe, fun and easy stretching class using the principles of yoga. Each class teaches the participants about the benefits of physical activity, how the body functions and the importance of posture and balance.

Children could start learning yoga from the age of five. Initially, it could be a session of fifteen to twenty minutes that could be gradually increased to thirty minutes for older children. Children who bring their own model tractor for the tractor parade will receive free admission to the museum. Children's yoga however do give a thought to whether yoga may not be suitable for your child if it suffers from physical illnesses or physical defects.

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