Friday, 3 July 2009

For Yoga Teachers - Can Your Yoga Students Find You?

This seems such an easy and obvious question, but you'd be surprised at the number of yoga teachers, and even studios, that don't provide some basic contact information for their students.

Maybe you're an independent yoga teacher, teaching at several different studios or out of your own basement. Wherever you're teaching, your yoga students must be able to find you. It's not enough to rely on the studios you teach through to find students for you. Hopefully, you'll build up a following of students who may want to come to your classes wherever you teach.

Or maybe you own a yoga studio and your students already know where you are. That's still not enough. Just because they know your address, they still need a reason to come to your class. You need to let people know what you offer for them. And what about soon-to-be students - they need to find you too.

In both cases, you must keep in touch with students to build long-term relationships, and you must make it easy for current and potential students to find you.

At the very least, the information that you need to make generally available is:

  • Your studio name (if applicable)
  • Your name
  • Professional title; 'yoga teacher' is enough here or perhaps 'owner' or 'director' if you have a studio
  • Phone number for business hours or your home phone number with the hours that you can reached
  • Business e-mail address
  • Web site address if you have one
  • Include one line about what you do; what makes you different to other yoga teachers?; what you have to offer that other yoga teachers or studios do not?

There are various ways of getting this information to people, including:

  • Business cards - these are essential; they have all the basic information there
  • Phone book listing
  • Website - more and more people are using the web to find yoga classes and teachers and schedules and so on
  • Have flyers or large size postcards made with this information and distribute them locally
  • Promotional materials such as fridge magnets or key chains

It's vital that this information gets to those who need it, or may need in the future, or who can give it to friends and family who are considering doing yoga. Getting this information out into the world is just the first step in establishing successful long-term relationships with your students, current and future.