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Is It Necessary To Wear Proper Yoga Clothes?

It is imperative to wear proper yoga clothes before doing yoga. Comfort is the keyword and whatever you wear should be such that it does not interfere with doing the poses or make you feel uncomfortable. Free-flowing robes are out and leotards are in. The material of the yoga clothes should also be such that it soaks up the perspiration and does not make you feel sore. Although there are no particular clothes which are a necessity to be worn while doing yoga, looking after the comfort aspect will make you do yoga with full concentration and ease of mind.

Which Fabric Should You Choose?

The range of fabrics used in the manufacture of yoga clothes is simply enormous. Starting with cotton, the material can also be as different as synthetics. You will be surprised to know that even hemp and bamboo are used to make the clothes. Depending on the environment in which you do yoga, the clothes will vary. However, in all cases, cotton is the popular choice because not only does it keep you cool but it also absorbs perspiration. You will feel happy to be in cotton shorts and a tank top as you can do the yoga poses easily.

Does Yoga Have A Particular Uniform?

Whatever clothes you use for sports activities can be used for yoga. Any store which sells sports apparel will give you the needed yoga clothes. You can wear the apparel according to the latest trends in the market. It is always the safer thing to do. But if you want to freak out, you can try something “different”. The colorful, glossy shirt you use for camping can be used as the yoga shirt and your warm-up pants as your yoga pants. In this way, you can experiment with other things as well.

What Does Tradition Say?

If you want to know about the traditional yoga clothes, then you have to understand that yoga was done by the yogis of yesteryear who wore free-flowing robes with a turban. These robes were loose-fitting and shapeless. But such types of clothes act as an impediment for doing yoga. They will tie you down and you might also unknowingly tear your outfit. With the advent of trendier clothes, you don’t have to worry about the traditional ones. The perfectly fitting clothes will help you to do yoga with peace of mind.


Yoga requires you to do a number of twists and turns. You have to also stretch your body in all directions. Unless you wear yoga clothes which are flexible, you will not be able to do the poses effectively. Therefore, perfectly fitting pants, tops or leotards are best for doing yoga. Ill-fitting or baggy clothes will only interfere with your doing yoga. You can make your clothes colorful to suit your mood. Simple clothes are better but you might try several designs if you want to. There are clothes for a person of any disposition. Even pregnant women can buy suitable yoga clothes. All you have to worry about is comfort. Whatever makes you feel content and happy is the perfect clothing for you.

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