Monday, 21 February 2011

How Yoga Moves Can Benefit Pregnant Women

Doing yoga during pregnancy is an excellent choice for mother-to-be and baby. There are many benefits to prenatal yoga. It's very important to do prenatal yoga and not regular yaga. There are some yoga poses that are not recommended for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga is comprises a series of gentle stretches and breathing exercises. These stretches help elongate and strengthen key muscle groups used in delivery. It also helps to increase flexibility. Prenatal yoga can relieve back pain. Yoga minimizes water retention which contributes to leg and ankle swelling. Yoga also helps with balance during those sometimes awkward latter stages of pregnancy. The routines should be modified for each trimester of pregnancy.

Yoga also helps the baby by increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen to the baby. Yoga improves posture which helps the baby enjoy optimal space in the womb.

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga there are also benefits for the mind. Learning effective breathing techniques is very beneficial. Deep breathing can calm the mind and help manage pain. By consciously practicing breathing, you will help to meet the challenges of labor. When the body is in pain or highly anxious it produces adrenaline and inhibits the production of oxytocin which, ironically is the hormone the makes labor progress. Learning breathing techniques is a big part of standard prenatal classes. If you can incorporate deep breathing learned through yoga this will be an added benefit.

Yoga props will help you get the optimum results from your sessions. Some people will choose to purchase a thicker yoga mat for extra support. Yoga bricks and bolsters are also recommended to help with balance, especially in latter trimesters. There are some very good prenatal yoga dvds to choose from

Taking a prenatal yaga class is a wonderful way to fellowship with other expectant mothers. It gives you an opportunity to share and receive support during your pregnancy.

It's important to consult your doctor before you begin any exercise program. After you've had your baby and gotten approval from your doctor, yoga is an excellent way to get back in shape. Honor your body and do as much as it tells you it can handle.

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