Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Avoiding Low Back Pain From Yoga Classes

It is one of the most common reason why people are sent to the hospital. Lower back pain is very prevalent in people who work in offices all day that have daily routines that do not support their back. There are a lot of causes for back pain but most of them are due to your habits. Here are some of them you might not know.

You might not be thinking about maintaining proper posture when you are brainstorming on your project the entire day. And in doing so, you are positioning yourself to having back pains later in the day. Take the time to get out of your seat and stretch or even walk around the office.

There have been research that show people who skip the gym are more likely to have back pains than those who regularly hit the gym. Be sure to sweat it out at least twice a week to prevent back pains in the office.

You can find yoga classes everywhere that cater to your muscle strengthening needs. Yoga experts would likely recommended that you do yaga if you are not into the whole exercise routine. Try to ask your instructor if there are certain moves that focus on your lower back.

Diet is also essential to having a healthy pain-free body. Eat healthy foods that do not clog your arteries which results to poor circulation. And if you do not have enough circulation, inflammation happens and the pain cycle starts.

Be mindful of your shoulders as they connect with your spine and your back. When your shoulders are not in balance, the spine is also not in balance putting your entire posture at risk. If you are to put more weight on one shoulder, try to balance it with the other to prevent postural problems.

Your bed can also be a factor when it comes to back pains. If you are to sleep on your back try add a pillow underneath your knees so that there will be additional pressure on your spine. If you are a side sleeper, put a pillow between your knees and if you sleep on your stomach, put one either on your stomach or on your hips.

Ditch the pumps when you go to your office. You may look sexier with high heel shoes on but later on, it will cause you even more pain in the back, on your thighs, calves, and heels too.

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