Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How Samkhya Yoga Can Help Increase Your Quality Of Life

This article describes 5 ways that Samkhya yoga can help to increase your quality of life, regardless of your personal circumstances and situation.

1. Increased Lung Capacity – by conducing Samkhya yoga twice weekly, you will learn how to breath more effectively and control your emotions as a result. Breathing exercises will also help you increase your VO2 max which is the maximum amount of oxygen you can intake in one breath. This is important for any healthy cardiovascular effort, as your lung capacity will directly impact on how your body will perform when exerted.

2. Reduced stress levels – research suggests that taking time out exclusively for yourself helps to reduce stress levels and having a time out from the everyday issues that trouble us all. By doing Samkhya yoga, your body will naturally be more relaxed and your muscles and internal organs will have had the opportunity to stretch and release toxins that are captured by an increase in stress levels. By doing so, you will become at one with your soul and you will work towards reaching a complete state of what is known as inner peace, or shanti.

3. Higher level of physical fitness – Samkhya yoga is an art which is underpinned by stretching and developing personal stretching capabilities over time. In doing so you will start to use fat stores as energy, putting the body in a higher state of physical exertion. As you do this, your body will become more supple, overtime resulting in an increased level of toning.

4. Relaxed mindset – because of the atmosphere within a Samkhya yoga class you will find yourself becoming extremely relaxed, entering a state of passiveness which is unrivalled in any extracurricular activity.

5. Meeting people – by going to a Samkhya yoga class you will meet like minded individuals that want to increase their quality of life through stress relief and relaxation, two facets which Samkhya yoga provides easily. By meeting these types of individuals you will find yourself making new friends that are on the same wavelength, happy to socialise with you in order to further improve both yours and their own quality of life.