Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Simple Morning Yoga

You've decided to start yoga because you are fully convinced that this is the best stress buster. Remember how you would feel good to stretch the muscles and limbs? It felt so good, right? This was due to the active stance that activated the endorphins in your body and then flooded the system. This made you feel good!

When you started to do the basics of yoga, you had no problems trying to do all the yoga postures, and were are so drawn to them daily. But as the days passed by, you've noticed that you do not have enough time to do your daily yoga program anymore. Your schedule became so hectic that you have to jump out of bed in the morning to get the children to school or to meet clients for the sale you want to close. Thus, after a long stressful condition, the body began manifesting less enthusiasm. You started feeling sorry because you cannot do your yoga and the feeling of self-neglect moved in.

But you should not feel that way. Take a break and think of what the reasons may be. When you feel uptight, the muscles start to pull you down. Yes, we recognize that in this fast paced world, we keep on the fast track lane. So now let's find some ways on how to have yoga exercises every day.

Menu No. 1

To experience that sense of goodness which yoga can bring, one must focus on stretching the spine. Sun Salutation is a good posture to begin with. This particular series of postures are light and simple that will not take you more than five or ten minutes. Do many repetitions as you can. Do it fast if you want to make it aerobic type, or very slow, like tai-chi movements. Synchronize each movement with your breath. Then sit on a comfortable chair or a yoga mat; lie down there for a few minutes to relax.

Menu No. 2

There will be times when you don't feel like getting out of bed. That is still acceptable. Make sure that you have a firm bed and do the following: Remember to breathe normally through your nose, and if you experience a sharp pain, change right away.

A) Lie on back with both arms at your side, move one leg to the other side and grab the big toe with your other hand. Feel that good stretch on your back and hamstrings. Bend your knees if needed. Hold for about 18 to 30 counts. Now, do it on the other side.

B) Still on your back, bend your knees and hold your ankles. Now raise your buttocks. Hold for 18-30 counts.

C) Now turn on your stomach, hands by the sides of the chest. Push yourself up and press the hips on the bed. Hold 18-30 counts.

D) At this point, you now have the energy to sit on the bed. Open both legs wide to bend on one leg. Hold again for 18-30 counts. Then do it on the other side.

E) Now, while seated, you can do the spinal twist; 18-30 counts on each side.

F) Then do your stretching on one leg on the side while you keep that other leg bent and heel near your groin. Execute this on an exhale; start bending from your hips and hold for 30 counts. Do this on the other side.

G) If you still have time, make one or two rounds of Sun Salutation.

H) Now lie on your back for 2-3 minutes. Consciously relax each part of your body.

For only 10 minutes, or until 15 minutes, you can easily do this routine. Just start doing it, and do not let your body to pull down