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Mantra Yoga - Meditating on a Sound

Sound is all around us; yet, sound is within us. Both forms of sound can be used for constructive meditation sessions. A repetitive external sound can easily be used to focus the mind. There are musical compositions for meditation. For beginners, the more repetitive the sound, the easier it will be to focus.

There are many Kiirtan songs which use the words "Baba Nam Kevalam," which is a Sanskrit mantra that means "Love is all there is" or "Love is the essence of all things." Kiirtan musical compositions give off a variety of feelings. Some people love it, and some do not.

If you want to try meditation on sound, please be sure the music you choose makes you feel relaxed and able to concentrate. You may have to experiment to find the right music for you. It should also be noted that some people do not meditate well with music at all.

If you decide to practice meditation while listening to music, at a low volume, you will begin to notice the music fades from your mind. As you continue to focus on sound, you will start to take in the sounds of the world around you without judgment. If you listen to the world around you, there is a background hum.

This is "Om," the most natural of all sounds. This sound is most noticeable when you are away from cities, traffic, and the rest of humanity. For some of us, we can hear this sound anywhere we go. At the same time, some people cannot hear it at all.

This explains why many people go to Yoga, meditation, or spiritual retreats. A retreat gives the practitioner time to focus on the mental and spiritual planes of existence, which are not easily noticed when living in fast-paced industrial societies.

Om is a mantra, which exists all around us, without having to produce the sound within. Om is "pravana," which weaves its way through the fabric of life. Between the sharp sounds made by humans, machinery, nature, and other animals, the sound of Om is always there.

Many of us have heard of "mantra," it is an overused word, which is often over simplified. Mantra is a sacred sound, or phrase, which is repeated to expand our awareness and consciousness. At the same time, mantra has the ability to protect our minds from pessimism, stress, anxiety, and negativity.

Meditating on sound gives you the ability to control your consciousness, instead of being dominated by random negative thoughts and emotions, which come to you externally. The ability to create your own heaven on earth can be found in mantra, but the ability to control your consciousness can also be found in prayer and positive affirmation.

On this earth, we the have the choice to enjoy life or live a miserable existence. Your awareness and consciousness are a viewpoint of life itself. A materially rich man can be just as miserable as a poor man, because they both can influence internal awareness and consciousness.

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