Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Yoga and Back Pain Part 5

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit translation "Yuj", meaning to unite; the union of both the mind and body resulting in a pure and perfect state of consciousness. It aims to tailor yoga to the individual needs of the student so that yoga is relevant to every person and every situation. "Yoga is a way of life, it changes you and therefore changes the way you relate to other people and influence your environment. Whatever your starting point and wherever you wish to take your yoga journey to, yoga is a non-competitive regime.

Speaking of which, yoga is definitely NOT a religious practice, though you could, if you wish, call it a spiritual practice. The ultimate aim of yoga is to unite the body, mind and spirit through the practice of physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation. One who follows this path of Yoga is a yogi or yogini. The philosophy of Yoga is mainly of the Hindu tradition but its description of the spiritual significance corresponds closely to the teachings of many other religions.

Karma yoga is performed as an expression of divinity for the revelation of divinity, all other benefits, individual and communial being secondary or even insignificant. The great thing about yoga is it can be as vigorous or as gentle as you want it to be. Practising yoga is a completely different experience for most of us when we first start classes and in the beginning the postures (movements) can feel much more difficult than they look.

The "practice" of yoga is this actual effort to direct the mind towards one-pointedness, without distraction or interruption, and to calm and steady this wild monkey that jumps around in the jungle from branch to branch. The beauty of Yoga is that it is accessible to everyone, as the session can be adapted to each person's level of fitness or state of health.

With back, neck or shoulder pain yoga can help you and is well worth the effort with practice. The benefits that you will get by practicing yoga are substantial. Not only will you start to lose your back, neck or shoulder pain you will also feel better. You will tend to look younger than you are. Your body will be stronger and with your immune system stronger also you will tend to ward off colds and coughs.

Any injuries that you may have will also tend to recover quicker. It is well reported that the elderly have been practicing yoga for some time will heal quicker when they have a fall.

Glen Wood - The Yoga Teacher. Glen is a yoga expert who loves to teach you how to lose your neck, shoulder or back pain with yoga. He is dedicated to unlocking the Real Secrets of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

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