Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cheap Yoga Pants

Some people, when first beginning their practice of yoga, opt for a pair of cheap yoga pants. And, of course, that's fine. You don't really even need any sort of specialized yoga clothing to get started. Any sort of loose clothes like sweat pants or cargo shorts will do.

But like with most things in life, you like to look good where ever you go, even in yoga class. First of all, if you've practiced yoga for even the smallest length of time, you know that you don't want any yoga pants that are too tight or restrictive. With the number of postures and stretching exercises that you will practice you'll need something loose and flowing. As well as being restricting, tight pants can be distracting.

Obviously, given the meditative quality of the system, comfort is of the highest importance. Even cheap yoga pants come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. You might want to limit yourself to bright solid colors, although I've seen a number of very attractive prints. You might also want to get a recognizable illustration on your yoga clothes as well. Perhaps something like the "Om" symbol or a likeness of the Buddha.

As far as fabric choice goes, most people like natural (non man made) products like cotton, silk, satin, hemp, or linen. And I can understand this. You are going to be working out pretty hard and are guaranteed to work up quite a sweat and most folks don't like the feeling of wet synthetic fabric sliding against their bare skin.

Unless you live near a big city you might have a hard time finding a store that sells a good quality garment like Lucy yoga pants. So you may have to purchase your items at an on line store. Look for a site that sells yoga pants for man, woman, and child to get the widest selection.

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