Thursday, 23 April 2009

Getting Yoga Sticky Mats That Appeal to You

When a person makes a decision to join a yoga class, whether it be at home or a private class, they could soon find it hard to keep their hands and feet in place. If you are finding it difficult and awkward holding some of the poses it may be a great idea to go and buy one of those yoga sticky mats.

The design of yoga sticky mats is to be slightly sticky so when you are doing the more complex poses you will find it easier to hold your position without constantly having to make adjustments. As you get more into the session an individual may start to sweat, which could cause some slippage, so possibly purchasing a airex yoga mat will help to check this.

Most classes will offer yoga sticky mats for their customers to use, although they may be a small charge for this service. However, there could be a problem, because people will be sweating and placing their bare feet on the mats. Therefore, because of these possible problems, most people who choose to do yoga may decide to buy their own airex yoga mat.

Types of mat.

There are so many types of mats on the marketplace nowadays, and the prices can vary between $15 and $250. Because the typical airex yoga mat is made from rubber, you will find it easy to clean and roll up for carrying. Many of the mats come with bags and some come with a shoulder strap, either way it makes for ease of carrying. If you're concerned about bacterial buildup due to constant use then buy one of those antimicrobial yoga sticky mats for around $50.

For the people who are not to worried about bacteria but like their mats to look great, there are loads of yoga sticky mats in all sorts of different patterns and different colors. You'll also probably be able to buy a matching designer bag in the same color and design as your mat. There are also mats that are made of environmentally friendly material, such as recycled rubber or cotton.

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