Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hot Yoga

The hot yoga or the Bikram Yoga is discovered by a popular yoga instructor named Bikram Chaudhuri. He is also the teacher of the Yoga College of India, established by him. The yoga is to be performed in a heated room having a temperature ranging from 95 degree to 100 degree Celsius. This would help the individual to get rid of toxic substances from the body without experiencing injury. The body becomes flexible with well toned muscles on working out with yoga on a regular basis.

This form of yoga has earned a considerable degree of controversy as the inventor had to move to the court regarding the enforcement of copyrights on the various forms of the yogic postures of Bikram Yoga. Later on an agreement ensured that he would stop suing San Francisco based yoga instructors while his opponents would not make use of the word' Bikram' for teaching the science of yoga.

Requirements of Hot Yoga

The information may help you to learn certain tips and requirements while performing the hot yoga.

• You are recommended to use mats and towel while doing the yoga. You would be profusely sweating while working out and so you are advised to use a towel of your own.

• You are advised to drink ample water before and after the yoga session. During the time of yoga your body would flush out fluid contents of the body in the form of sweat. So, you should drink adequate water in order to avoid dehydration.

• In case you have decided to go for this yoga you must join a yoga institute who has been certified to teach the prescribed 26 poses of the hot yoga.

The yoga might not be suitable for pregnant ladies and while performing the act of yoga considerable amount of heat would be generated in the body and as a result of which the normal body temperature would increases to quite an extent.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

• The yoga helps you to work with deep muscles and tendons including of internal organs of the body.

• You would also be effectively healed from any form of chronic pain.

• The yoga helps in attaining a perfect weight. It would also keep you out of stress.

On trying out right poses one would be able to attain a balanced and a well composed mind. The capability to focus on a certain objective increases manifold and the ability to stay calm even during the time of stress.

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