Saturday, 16 May 2009

Children's Yoga - 5 Ways Yoga Helps Your Child Develop a Healthy Body

If you are looking for a safe, fun and quick way to help you child develop a healthy body, introduce him to yoga.

Yoga is a holistic health care system which consists of a range of exercises, breathing practices and visualisation techniques which strengthens and develops the whole body. Children from as young as two years old can practice yoga, at home or in a group with other children. Here are five ways yoga exercises help your child develop a healthy body.

5 Ways Yoga Helps Your Child Develop A Healthy Body

1. Yoga Exercises tone your internal organs - In yoga you are encouraged to stay in a pose for at least 3 - 5 rounds of yogic breathing. When you hold a pose and release it, it brings fresh rich oxygen to that part of the body. This helps to cleanse and strengthen the body.

2. Yoga Calms Your Mind - There is a direct link between a calm mind and a strong healthy body. Yoga poses, such as the child pose, the rag doll pose or seated forward bend help to calm the nervous system. Yoga breathing exercises also have a similar effect to reduce nervous tension and calm negative emotions.

3. Yoga Exercises Promote Flexibility And Suppleness - Some children are stiff and have difficulty moving gracefully. Poses can be adapted to increase the range of movement in different parts of the body, e.g. tight hips and stiff backs can be eased open through gentle yoga poses such as the Wind Reliving Pose or the prayer pose can help ease tense shoulders.

4. Yoga Is Non-Competitive - Some children shy away from participating in exercise and physical activity as they these activities are generally competitive. Yoga places great emphasis on teaching your child how to listen and respect their body and not to push it beyond its limits. It is not competitive and yoga teachers actively encourage your child to adapt poses to suit their capability.

5. Yoga Promotes Balance and Inner Peace - The word yoga means union, to bring balance and harmony to your inner and outer world. Yoga stretches the whole body, as opposed to focusing on your child's dominant skills. Guided visualisations help your child to experience inner calm and quiet.

So, if you are looking for an all-round system of exercise to help your child develop a strong, healthy and balanced body, try yoga. The range of poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques offer your child a truly holistic exercise programme and affirm foundation for their well-being as they grow up.

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From Ntathu Allen - Sivananda Yoga Teacher and Registered Polarity Therapist.

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