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Yoga's Healing Powers and Anti Aging Properties

Yoga has countless healing powers and health advantages. Yoga originated from India where yogis were Buddhists who practiced to attain spirituality and harmony. You might have dwelt on the pictures of yogis floating in the air with their legs crossed and eyes closed and pondered over its implication. The idea behind the picture is very simple. Yogis believed that such immense lightness of mind and body was achieved from meditating that the body itself floated in the air like a feather in the wind.

Today yoga is still as popular over there as it was in dark ages but modern yoga does not deal with floating in the air but focuses more on health and fitness of the body as well as that of the mind. Yoga inculcates discipline, harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. The combined efforts of posture maintenance, relaxation, and breathing exercises clear the body of toxins and allow free flow of energy.

Yoga provides immense relief from daily tensions which a person experiences from routine life activities and responsibilities. Yoga postures improve the blood flow to the crucial systems of the body like the spleen, pancreas, urinary system, thyroid, lungs and heart and tones our muscles increasing their efficiency and longevity.

The few main benefits of yoga are highlighted below:
1. Insomnia and asthma attacks are prevented and eliminated to a positive extent
2. It provides relief to sufferers of backache and osteoporosis
3. It regulates blood pressure and blood flow
4. Combats obesity and acidity
5. Cures breathlessness and aids anemic patients
6. The functioning of the ovaries also improves for those women suffering from menstrual disorders
7. Body posture is elevated and firmness of figure is acquired
8. Harmony of the body and mind is ensured

Yoga focuses on unity of mind and body. It is very important to practice the yoga postures
known as asanas with the help of some yoga dvds as some exercises require guidance to follow and exercising in the wrong ways may lead to serious complications.

Courses are available commonly for home practice. More and more people are realizing the benefits of yoga and join yoga classes to derive its multiple benefits.

Yoga is a natural anti aging agent. Different yoga postures ensure that the health of the body is maintained and that the skin remains wrinkle free for longer years. Yoga is a beauty enhancer, toning the skin and keeping the twinkle and glitter of the eyes for a lifetime. The soul of the yogi undergoes tranquility and peace and this contentment is shown on the skin and body. The waves of moods are kept at bay by meditation and relaxation.

There are three styles of yoga which a person can choose from: Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga and Raja yoga. Hatha yoga is the standard style followed commonly as the asanas are very easy to catch on and practice regularly. It does not demand any special qualifications. The answer lies in keeping up with the yoga postures and maintaining a balance in life to get long lasting and effective results.

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