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Tips To Remember While Buying Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are the most essential piece of equipment in yoga. It defines your private space in the studio where you practice and above all, it provides a base to cushion your fall while doing yoga. It makes you feel comfortable and focused on your work. You will also be prevented from slipping and get a good grip. Your attention will be fully focused on holding the poses in the best possible way and will not be bothered about losing your grip or having a bad fall.

Size Of Yoga Mats

The size of the mat will vary depending on your own requirements. Children will require a relatively smaller mat. But the usual width of the mat is about 24 inches. Lengths will change starting from 60” to 75”, but the most popular ones are 68” and 72”. Smaller size mats are good if you have to travel a long distance carrying them with you. Otherwise, a bit lengthy mats are preferable while spreading out fully on it. It feels good to have your entire body on the mat and not a portion left out on the cold hard ground. A spacious mat will allow you to perform a variety of poses with ease.

The Quality Of Yoga Mats

It pays to have a good quality mat. The material of the yoga mats is very important. It also depends on the type of yoga that you do. Most of you will desire a mat which is both comfortable and durable. PVC and plastic materials are rather uncomfortable and should be purchased only when in dire need. They are also not eco-friendly. Technology has tried to bridge the gap between the environment and price of yoga mats by introducing the TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) mats. They are a better option than the PVC ones. Latex is another material used for making the mats. Depending on the level of comfort, you can decide on the best mat to buy.

Price Of Yoga Mats

Most of us will like to purchase a good mat for a nominal price. But such a case is rare. Comfort comes for a high price. And you will always get mats for a cheaper price, which are anything but comfortable. Costly mats may be difficult to afford but they will be more durable and will give you a sense of stability while doing the yoga poses. Cheaper mats will wear out faster and you will have to pay more money in the long run. You might feel the pinch at first, but costlier mats are always a better option.

Yoga mats may be used while meditating or taking a sun bath also. You can even take good care of your mats by washing them with warm water or as per instructions given by the manufacturer. Drying them out in the sun after washing them is the common practice. You should remember to keep your mat clean so that you feel comfortable while doing yoga. Just take good care of your precious yoga mats and you will never feel tired of practicing yoga ever.

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