Sunday, 2 August 2009

Yoga and Asthma - The Benefits of Yoga

The many benefits of yoga have long been stated by yoga gurus and teachers, but there have not been many scientific studies to prove this. Lots of yoga practitioners rave about how great they feel and how many illnesses and symptoms have improved or disappeared after months and years of yoga practice.

A recent study has shown clear benefits from regular yaga practice on asthma symptoms. The study completed this year in New York followed two groups of people with asthma and no other significant types of difference. There was a control group consisting of 20 people who did not follow the yoga practice. After a ten week period the group of 20 doing regular yoga showed an improvement of 43 percent in heart rate variability, oxygen consumption and ventilation whilst performing two tasks compared to the control group who did no yoga.

This is great news for both people who do yaga and those with asthma, to improve your medical condition after ten weeks is quite amazing and to do so without any change in medication or procedures is wonderful. This is an improvement assessable to everyone although any exercise program should obviously be discussed with your doctor first.

Yoga can be adapted to consider any disability with a good yaga teacher; it is advisable to take some classes before using any home DVDs. The study group practiced three times a week, two classes and one home session equaling 165 minutes a week. I really want this information out there to help others, as a yoga practitioner and someone with asthma, I consider yoga to be essential to my general well being and health.

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