Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Yoga In Fayetteville

Yoga, in Fayetteville, began at Breathing Space in January 2005. Lisa Lofthouse partnered with Charlotte Sessoms, a massage therapist, to provide a unique healing environment for the Fayetteville, North Carolina community. What began as a dream of providing yoga classes and massage therapy to a small number of clients, has grown into a healing arts center where a person can enjoy not only the unique abilities of three talented massage therapists, meditation instruction, stress management classes, and beginning this year, nutritional counseling.

All the healing modalities of Breathing Space meld together into a wonderful gift to the community. A person may come seeking yaga and end up taking a cooking class, getting a massage, or enjoying a workshop on breathing techniques. The staff at Breathing Space feel that once you walk in the door your needs will be met and if they are not, we will find a way to meet those needs.

The Fayetteville community has embraced yoga at Breathing Space. The classroom holds up to 10 students, and they may range in age from teenagers to seniors. Most students come seeking development and enrichment of body, mind, and spirit. Lisa Lofthouse and Evangelin Brodksy are both 500-hour Kripalu yoga professional level instructors. Lisa came to yoga from a business and fitness background and Evangelin found yoga through dance. Therefore, even though they were trained at Kripalu, their classes are unique and each brings her own life experiences into the yoga classroom.

Kripalu yoga teaches that all you seek and all you need are within you. Through various life experiences and the continued bombardment of external stimulation, most people seek peace outside of themselves, through walks in nature, going to the movies, reading books, etc. Through yoga, you learn to bring your awareness inward, to notice how the body moves when it breathes, how moving one arm or one wrist can be felt in the shoulder or back. When you learn to dive into inner awareness, even if it is simply noticing one breath, you learn to live in the present moment.

Kripalu yoga is a path of awareness, a path of inquiry into whom and what you really are and all that you have to offer to life. When you begin to bring your awareness to breath and movement, you begin to learn how thoughts and emotions are held in the body. This holding of thoughts and emotions creates tension and through the practice of postures and breath, tension is released and a sense of ease comes into the body. When the body is relaxed and at ease, the mind slows down creating a calmer, quieter lifestyle. So what you learn in a yaga class can be taken off the mat and into your everyday life.

When the body is put into various non-habitual movements and postures and the mind is taught to breathe through these types of tensions and to stay soft and centered, a habit of letting go and simply being develops and this can be carried into every aspect of life.

Lisa and Evangelin believe that the more people come to yaga the closer we will come to creating a more peaceful community right here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Each person who comes to Breathing Space and is touched by the peace they find and has the ability to add peace and harmony to our community. One posture at a time, one massage at a time, one breath at a time can change the world.

By: Lisa Lofthouse

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