Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Yoga - Better Remedy For Stress Relief

Yoga is a very old routine which dates as far back as 4000yrs, and is said to have originated from India. This act was said to have been formed from the act the various acts, stance and movements of animals. The main goal/aim of yoga is to bring about unity of the mind, body and spirit, which is the center of one's existence and oneness.

Yoga is considered to be a very reliable method when one is trying to relieve themselves from stress. Though not many people are in tune with this method for the fact that to them it involves very difficult routines and positions to get in, hence they try to stay away and opt for an easier way out. But yoga involves various routines and the harder routines are major for advanced practioners, while there are simpler and easier routines for those who want to ease off all the stress and tension for the day or right before the beginning of daily activities.

There are various simple yoga routines which one can engage in right before the start of the day. For example, an exercise which is used and widely recommended for every start of the day to ease off the stress and tension of the body is the thirteen routine, it involves a gentle forward bend, backward bend, and a little routine that looks like pushups.

The act of yoga involves is divided into eight parts, the first two are based on our general attitude and perspective towards life which is for us to live in peace, harmony, oneness and in unity with one another. Also for us to live a hygienic life, have a good feeding regiment plan and to always study. The next two focus on the various exercises and carrying them out. . While some are focused on the improving the totality of the physical being, others are concerned with rejuvenating and bringing about the peace of mind of man. The last four involves the merging of one's mind with the growth of his spirituality. The final goal is the knowledge the trainee has acquired in the deep insight of the things of the world.

In yoga patience and persistence cannot be over emphasized, this is because yoga involves a lot of techniques and a lot of patience and practice is required to reach your set goal. There are various ways of learning yoga, you could learn through books, tapes, or sign up for yoga classes. If interested in the classes, it's always advice able you pick a place that has a friendly, peaceful and welcoming ambiance. Yoga therapy is fast on the rise, therefore there are qualified yoga masters out there who are available to meet to your needs and requirements. Also in a fast growing society where yoga thrives, yoga tutors are usually recommended by physicians in dealing with stress.

In as much as yoga is important in bringing about a balance in the peace of mind and body of a person, yoga is not for everyone.

Persons with certain health conditions shouldn't go through with yoga without the permission of a doctor, the same with aged persons and pregnant women, but the bottom line is that when going through with yoga, make sure you do so with your doctors approval.

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