Monday, 8 December 2008

Yoga & Stress Relief

Yoga is an ancient practice of exercise come into light from the rishis and maharishis. Yoga is the holistic name that includes exercise, meditation and ultimately moksha – meaning relief from the material world.

Now why are we talking about yoga? In today’s fast paced world where one does not have time to sleep and eat, stress is inevitable. Everyone wants a shortcut to success and make more greens, but in the bargain they compromise on their health, relations and life on the whole gets into a dump.

Yoga can help you. Firstly understand that when you get tensed your muscles get tightened, your breathing is fastened making your blood flow recede. This leads to more palpitation, high blood pressure, headaches, body aches and ultimately leading to sickness.

When you practice simple yoga for breathing known as pranayam, you let air in and out at a steady pace. Nadi shodhanam is one yogic breathing posture where you sit cross legged on the floor with an upright back.

Take left hand palm and curl your fingers to the centre leaving your thumb and little finger straightened out. Press the thumb to your left nostril and breathe in from your right nostril, then hold your right nostril with the little finger and release the air through your left nostril. This simple alternating breathing exercise allows air to pass through your nerve channels releasing all your tensed muscles.

When you breathe normally, you think normally and when you breathe well your body is happy and so is your mind. Enroll yourself to many of the yoga classes if you are a beginner as you need to know the right posture and style of exercise.

Sometimes when you get stressed some of your body organs too get tightened and do not function as required due to the pressure you are putting on it leading to sickness and pain. Hence yoga practiced everyday for atleast half an hour helps in regulating your body metabolism and breathing. Your concentration increases and the focus. You will be able to deliver more and be more productive than you ever think and even multi-task which is the need of today’s world.

Once you master the breathing exercises get to the next step of asanas, there are pure exercises that help functioning of your organs. These exercises if practiced everyday go a long way in helping you enjoy the good life as it lasts for years and years. There are no side effects if you leave it and you will see your weight and body size stabilize for years together. Slowly but surely.

By: Jennie Gandhi

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