Sunday, 24 August 2008

The 5 Benefits Of Yoga Mats

Home exercises and routines done in the home are popular these days. Especially for floor exercises and floor routines, there is a special pad that is used by most exercise enthusiasts – Yoga mats. These mats that usually look like carpets come in a variety of colors. These may look simple but these have significant benefits to the user. Knowing these significant benefits will enable you to appreciate more this tool.

The mat when looked at is just a piece of material that at one glance you can tell that it is just used for lying or just used to mark your area where you will do your exercises. Needless to say, there are also benefits you can derive from this and even discover some use of the mat other than for lying down or just a platform for doing exercise routines.

Here are the 5 benefits derived from using the mat during your usual exercise:

1.The mat provides good anchorage and grip. Your feet stay firmly on the floor and the hands will not slip giving you utmost precision in doing your routines. Some routines require quick movements and some needs a very steady position to ensure utmost result. The mat provides these benefits for the user. You can feel and see the difference when doing the exercises on the floor or on the mat itself.

2.It provides safety. The material that most mats are made of prevents slips while doing the exercises. Safety while doing your exercises is one most important benefit it gives. Because your feet can stand firm or you hands can position steadily while doing a routine exercise, slips and slides are prevented. Also it prevents sprains, unnecessary muscle stretching and even accidents while doing your exercise.

3.After that strenuous physical activity, you can relax on the mat and do Yoga without the hassle of the floors with sweat all over. The absorbent property of the mat material gives this benefit.

4.It provides great support for the back when lying down. Floor exercise routines done by lying done comes easy and without strain when done on the mat. Thus, back pains due to strained back muscles are prevented or even injuring the spinal cord is prevented.

5.The mat provides for overall comfort for you to perform all your exercises and routines the way it should be. With the 4 benefits above, obviously, using the mat will give you the assurance of a perfect routine performed when you desire it.

Now that you already know the benefits you can get from this wonder exercise buddy, it would be a very good investment to purchase one. Knowing these benefits can give you the feeling of satisfaction and worth of the money spent to purchase this tool.

By: Xtreme Body Fitness

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