Friday, 22 August 2008

Six Uses Of The P90x Yoga Blocks

Yoga is one way of relaxing and enlightening ones mind. You may try yoga for relaxation but you may also use it as a form of exercise. The P90X included yoga in its program. The Yoga X in this program is a higher form of yoga that uses extreme yoga moves that work on you balance, elasticity, and endurance. These extreme yoga moves may require special yoga gadgets like yoga mat, yoga blocks, and many more.

The mat is useful in the floor exercises of yoga. The Yoga blocks are very essential in some of the yoga routines. This block is made with high-density, closed-cell foam and usually measures 4” by 6” by 9”. The following are some of the possible uses of the P90X Yoga Blocks in and out of the yoga sessions.

1. You can use this block as a headrest when you are doing a floor or mat yoga exercise. This gives proper cushion and less tension on the head while doing or maintaining an extreme yoga position. Lying on a yoga mat without a block as headrest develops strains on your neck so this one is very useful in that position.

2. You can kneel on it. This block can serve as a perfect cushion for your knees while on your yoga session. This block does not easily deform even if your whole body is centered on it. It is made of special closed-cell foam so it can withstand your weight and its elasticity let this block to retain its original shape after you release its load.

3. You can sit on this block while doing a yoga meditation. The comfort of sitting in this block helps you endure longer yoga sessions. You will feel like you are doing you meditation on your bed.

4. You can use this block to support your back when doing back bends and stretches. Using this block as a support lessens the potential of incurring injuries or accidents. You can put this block below your back when doing slight bending while lying on the yoga mat.

5. After your yoga session, your yoga block still remains useful. You can use it as a pillow substitute. This will surely give you a comfortable sleep after hours of yoga session.

6. You can also use this block as a footrest while you are comfortably sitting on your sofa while watching TV. You can also use this special footrest on your bed when you are going to sleep.

The Yoga block is very important in doing any yoga activity. This block gives you comfort and safety while engaging on your favorite yoga. The use of this block intensifies you’re your extreme yoga and you tend to endure more of it because of the comfort offered by the block.

By: Xtreme Body Fitness

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