Monday, 16 February 2009

Yoga at Your Desk

How long have you been sitting there staring at that computer? How does your back feel? Not too good? Getting tired? Stiff from sitting?

Practicing yoga at your desk will revive and re-energize you. If you allow your brain to take a break, and allow your breath to rejuvenate your body ~ you will come back more focused and more productive.

Take a break - close your eyes and let your breath travel around your body a little. Like a virus scan, scan your body and allow your breath to erase some tension. Breathe into tight spots and then visualize those spots releasing as you exhale. You will feel even better if you break away every hour or two and stretch some muscles.

In our society stress at work is a prevalent reason for hospital visits. Back pain, headaches and other stress related ailments are popular medical visit complaints. Take some time for yourself, for your health, and breathe a little.

You can reboot your body like you reboot a stuck computer. Pause a minute~ and allow your brain to rest, let your muscles release some of the tension and stress. Try this...

Close your eyes, sit all the way back in your chair, straighten up through your spine, and let your head hang down towards your chest. Now roll your right ear up over your right shoulder and relax the muscles in the left side of your neck and the top of the left shoulder. (Avoid forcing or pushing your head to the side - just let it hang out there.) Breathe. Gently roll your head back down towards your chest and then roll the left ear up near the left shoulder. Breathe.

Repeat as needs to loosen up those neck and shoulder muscles. To complete the exercise, gently roll your head forward again and then lift it straight up and open your eyes. Feel any better? We store tons of tension in the neck and shoulder area ~ every now and then let it go.....

Sit up straight and to the front part of your chair (please use one without wheels or make sure it is secure - I don't want you to go rolling around unexpectedly). Keep your feet planted on the floor. Try rolling your spine forward and back to let the muscles stretch, massage the inner organs and let the blood flow through your spine.

As you inhale, bring your head back and arch your spine (shoulders move backward) so that your belly rounds out in front. Then as you exhale, bring your shoulders forward and exaggerate the spine curve out to the back. So when you inhale your shoulders go back and you stretch the front side of your body, and when you exhale the shoulders come forward and you stretch the back. When you exhale bring your belly button in towards your spine to help you release all the air out of your lungs. Your lower back moves too; tilt your tailbone back on the inhale and then tuck it under on the exhale. Attach your breath to the movement to get the most out of the pose.

Moving the spine around allows the vertebrae to re-lubricate, the muscles to stretch a bit, and the inner organs a gentle massage. Attaching your breath to your movement gives your brain a rest from the rat-race and promotes a mind-body connection.

The breathing helps to remove toxins from the lungs when you exhale and invigorates the muscles when you inhale. When you inhale think about filling your lungs with air. Let the ribs move out to the sides and fill your belly with air just like a balloon. When you exhale let it all out, and let the tension leave your body at the same time.

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