Sunday, 1 February 2009

Yoga Exercise - Soften a Life Lesson by Changing Your Language of Letting Go and With Yoga Exercise

Is there an event in your life that you are still blaming someone for? Here's how to gain a deeper understanding of the event so you can end the blame game; and a yoga exercise to open your heart.

The old wound

Recall an event in your life that created a lot of pain and now you have mastered both letting go and the life lesson. Your life changed significantly and now you are at about a 90% mark of letting go. Look closely now, and check to see if you still hold blame or anger, believing it was all that person's fault.

How to keep the anger - 3 ways

1. Every time you remember the event, in your mind's eye you see the other individual and the significant part they played.

2. You totally forget or avoid thinking of the individual you hold some anger towards, and only recount your success in coping with the situation.

3. You speak only of the life lesson, and what you have resolved never to do again.

How to get the whole lesson

In a quiet moment, notice how you feel about the event. You clearly see it as a life lesson you learned. Notice the resolve not to repeat, and what you must and will do instead.

Then take relaxed deep breaths. As you exhale let your body settle down. Place your hand, or both hands on your heart and continue relaxed deep breathing. Embrace a feeling of surrender.

Now notice the language you use around this event. You may be using words like life lesson; and notice any unkind labels you give yourself. Can you now remind yourself that the whole universe is involved in this event, and that this occasion gave you the opportunity for greater learning.
How does this word learning resonate with you? How about the word wisdom? The whole universe dished up a few actors, some props and well placed lines, so that you could increase your wisdom and understanding of Life.
Yoga Exercise

When there is such a shift in awareness, it is likely the body wants to move, to stretch or to relax deeper with the new consciousness. Try this yoga exercise:

Mudra (hand position) - Interlace your fingers, palms touch, with right thumb over left. Rest the hands wherever is comfortable.

Yoga Breathing - Notice how much longer the inhalation is. Be aware of the space just created in the chest as you breathe. The whole heart center will now be open and free. Breathe in appreciation for the learning.

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From Heather Greaves - the Self Care Expert and Body Therapies Yoga Training

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