Friday, 20 February 2009

Yoga Therapy - Avoid These 3 Mistakes That Delay Self Healing, and Use 3 A's of Yoga Therapy Instead

Are you making these 3 mistakes that delay self healing? This information is especially important if you find the same situation keeps reoccurring. What type of responsibility is yours in self healing, and what is the role for your health care practitioner or yoga therapist? Let's see.

Mistake #1 - You are not aware of how your emotions create a distance between you and your source of support, your family. You are angry because your requests are not fulfilled as quickly as you would like, or you have a certain amount of resentment . You may even be lashing out at ones closest to you.

Strategy: Awareness - Notice how emotions like fear or anger influence your behaviour and relationships.

Mistake #2 - You subtly deny the problem, the situation. Yes you feel the pain and discomfort, and even dwell on the limitations it cause. Yet you barely glance at the issue itself; and do so very infrequently. You may think about all the things you cannot do when there is a particular kind of weather, or because of someone else's mistake, or perhaps your own mistake. Yet you rarely look at the problem itself.

Strategy: Acceptance - Look objectively at the facts concerning the situation without blame or shame. What is it that does exist?

Mistake #3- You resist making necessary changes to your attitude and actions. Perhaps you trivialize the situation, aggravate the discomfort, and learn to live with it. You think you are doing o.k. given the circumstances; you brace yourself and manage to weather each storm.

Strategy: Adjustment - Find out what changes you need to make for self healing and make them. Changes can be on a physical, mental emotional, and/or spiritual level.

Role of Your Health Care Practitioner or Yoga Therapy

The Yoga Therapist will bring the skills and resources and create a safer space for you to examine mistakes that delay self healing. Whether it is a life change, a transition, or a health challenge, the foundation of your work with yoga therapy will be yoga philosophy and yoga psychology.

If you are having an individual session, the yoga therapist will select and adapt the techniques from the yoga tradition according to your age, culture, religion, and specific physical challenge. Yoga therapy does not have a one size fits all approach to self healing. The holistic approach is customized and takes into consideration your Ayurvedic mind body constitution and your strengths and weaknesses.

Using yoga philosophy, the yoga therapist seeks to highlight the question: What is preventing this individual from experiencing the whole person? I encourage you to access the wisdom and answers within you through meditation and deep relaxation.

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From Heather Greaves - the Self Care Expert and Body Therapies Yoga Training

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