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Yoga Exercises - Self Mastery Through Understanding the Mind and Practicing Yoga Exercise

Do you know you have more than one mind? We know the mind can drive us nuts, and yet in spite of the spinning, you can act with self mastery with the help of yoga exercises.

You actually have 3 minds: a Negative, Positive and Neutral mind. They are all there to work with you and for you. They work together and just like muscles, can be strengthened with yoga exercises, like poses, meditation and relaxation. And by the way the mind is not you.

Negative Mind

"Negative" doesn't mean that there is something wrong or pessimistic with this mind. The Negative mind is there to warn you, to protect you.

Yoga Exercises: Appreciate the disciplines

Positive Mind

The Positive mind is creative, expansive. It gives inspiration, shows the benefits of the situation, the pros.

Yoga Exercises: Strong poses and positive affirmations

Neutral Mind

The Neutral mind assesses both negative and positive input received. Then can bring clarity and wisdom.

Yoga Exercises: Meditation


Recall a day when there was what is called active weather: a snow, or rain storm, and you had to make a decision whether to leave the house or not. Here's how the minds could work.

The Negative mind would be careful: let's stay in and just wait and see. The Positive would say, yes, the weather is active, so take an umbrella, or wear a warm coat. Let's go.

The Neutral mind could say: the reason for going is important, and it can wait for tomorrow; or it could say today is still a go because....

Here's an example of the minds in overdrive. The Negative mind goes spinning: "And remember the storm 8 years ago, you were caught and had to spend hours trying to get home." Then the Positive mind picks up this spin and confirms "yes, it did happen and to people in some other part of the world." Malfunction.

To develop self mastery and the neutral mind practice being an observer. Get to the neutral mind before you act on the thoughts given by the other two minds. Sometimes we say it this way, I have to clear my head. You can practice being an observer while in deep relaxation.

The point is, the more relaxed and aware of the present moment you are, the more you will experience self mastery and your neutral mind will be ready, willing and able to serve you, its master.

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