Monday, 16 March 2009

Bodybuilding With Yoga

Yogic stretching is beneficial for the muscle groups that do not respond to regular weight training exercises. Yoga when performed consistently it increases the strength. Strength through yogic stretching is related to an individuals Golgi tendon reflex threshold, that limits a contraction well short of the point at point which the tendons would be injured. Regular yogic stretching gives the muscles the ability to work more efficiently without shutting down in response to stretched tendon. The Golgi tendon organs are located near the end of muscle fibers; since these organs are stretch receptors so they respond to the changes in the muscles or tendon length as the muscles or the tendon is stretched or when muscle contracts rapidly. And if the intensity of the muscular contraction or stretch exceeds a critical point an immediate reflex occurs that inhibits the contraction and stretch. Immediate relaxing and removing excessive tension, without causing any injury. In other words these organs shut down the muscle to prevent any injury.

So by regular stretching your muscles and ligaments through yogic postures you can raise your Golgi tendon organ threshold gaining strength and increasing your muscle size. Higher is the Golgi tendon threshold up to more intensity you can train which leads to greater strength and stamina.

Yoga even helps you in using your stomach muscles to get into a more powerful position to work. One can even burn out the extra weight and fat on belly and can stabilize it naturally using yoga. Also you do not need to acquire the bulk as certain people think but it is a total myth.

Therefore these yogic stretching through the practice of yogic postures and asanas helps to elongate the fascia (a protective sheath made up of connectives tissue) covering all the muscles and muscle cells. So when this fascia is stretched practicing various asanas or yogic postures it provides the muscle beneath larger space to grow thus eventually leading to muscular development or body building. And even provides a better shape to the muscles. So further when these yogic postures are combined with the proper nutritious diet it not only strengthens your muscular structure but even improves your skeletal system.

Further in order to gain weight through pranayam one should perform following:

- Bhastrika Pranayam since it increases the respiration rate increasing the metabolism of the body so helping in better and more useful assimilation of necessary components from our diet and also much better elimination of various toxins in the body.
- Kapalbhati Pranayam because it strengthens the muscles of back and abdomen, increases the flexibility and strength of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. And even increases the bone density.
- Baharya Pranayam since it benefits in various abdominal disorders. And increase the rate of metabolism and eliminates toxins more efficiently.
- Anulom Vilom Pranayam.

Also in addition to this good nutritious diet and proper amount of rest should be also practiced to help muscles relax. Eventually leading to increase in muscle mass, strength and size.

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