Sunday, 1 March 2009

Exercise & Yoga: The Healthier Approach To Stay Away From Infections

The infection in the urinary tract is a common disorder that millions of men and women experience all over the world. There are tons of reasons why people acquire this urinary problem, but one of the most common reasons behind it is poor hygiene and poor immune system.

Fatigue, lethargy, repeated infections, slow wound healing, allergies, thrush, colds and flu are all signs that the body's immune system is functioning below par.

Aside from poor hygiene, an undisciplined lifestyle also contributes to the onset of the disease. Firstly, feelings like too much anger and excessive stress should be controlled as these often give the person physical & emotional distress. When your mind is not at its best, your body soon follows. You have to take care of your mental health, too.

It is crucial that we take care of ourselves. Taking care of yourself in the club or yoga studio starts with taking care of yourself at home. Getting enough rest, eating healthy foods, avoiding excess alcohol or caffeine & stimulants, exercising and practicing meditation and introspection. All will help you maintain health.

Practicing any yoga posture in a relaxing way with slow deep breathing and the intention to let go and relax the nervous system can be very beneficial in decreasing the symptoms of infection.

Relaxing the nervous system has been shown to help direct the immune system to attack the viruses and bacteria.

But a strong immune system can frost the invaders within a few days, preventing more extreme manifestations of the illness and in fact strengthening the immune system. Again, yoga postures done in a relaxed way and slow, deep pranayama can help relax the nervous system and boost the immune response.

Exercise and yoga have been known to help keep your body active and fit. It should be a part of your list if you are one of those people experiencing discomfort due to urinary infections.

While there are millions of medicines that promise better results and relief from pain in the shortest time possible, nothing beats natural remedies and a disciplined lifestyle. Prevention is indeed the better than the cure.

But you need your patience and persistence to change your life around for the better with exercise and yoga. Even with all clubs, gyms and equipments around the final decision is still yours to make.

Only you have the power to make that decision right now. You can still change your life, and your health, and give way to a better and more productive you.

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