Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Infertility Yoga - Boost Your Fertility and Get Pregnant With Infertility Yoga

Infertility yoga is a gentle way to enhance your fertility, while relaxing your mind and body and strengthening your reproductive organs. Yoga is an ancient tradition specifically practiced for general health and well-being and, it is particularly helpful for resolving difficulties with fertility and sexuality.

Yoga works with the mind and the body, relaxing the mind and exercising the body to bring balance to both. It can be effective for women with blocked fallopian tubes, hormone imbalances or other fertility challenges, and it is also helpful for helping women to relieve stress, relax and prepare mentally and physically for conception.

The yoga poses used in infertility yoga may appear to be predominantly for the female, but they are good for both partners, and it can be nice to do the exercises together. The poses focus mainly on the hips and pelvis where we support the physical body and hold the physical expression of emotion, both physical and mental tension. They will also help blood flow and balance the hormones.

Another aspect of infertility yoga is increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, as this is where the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are located. These two glands release hormones into the blood, so it is important to incorporate yoga poses that nourish these important glands, and improve the way they function.

Many couples are concerned that they will not be able to do any of the yoga exercises, as they have never done yoga before. You don't need to be as flexible as a yogi master to do infertility yoga. The exercises are very gentle and you should not force or push the body beyond your own limits. With repeated exercising, you will notice your flexibility will improve quite naturally.

Another concern is the cost. I would recommend you purchase a DVD that explains how do to the yoga positions, but apart from that, there's not much else you nee. All you need to perform these poses is a mat or rug, some loose comfortable clothing and a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. There is a Fertility Yoga DVD available to guide you through the movements, and plays beautiful relaxing music. If you don't have the DVD, some quiet, gentle music is optional.

Breathing is fundamental to yoga, as it helps you to relax, and increases the flow of oxygen into the body. So when practicing yoga, start breathing more deeply and slowly, and maintain this rhythm of breathing through out the session, as best you can. While you are lying there adjusting your breathing, mentally scan your body, releasing any tension by tensing and relaxing, particularly your anus and the reproductive area.

I hope this introduction to infertility yoga was helpful. I'd like to show you some more yoga positions you can try, and where to get an infertility yoga DVD that demonstrates exactly how to do these positions. You can get this information at

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