Saturday, 7 March 2009

Yoga Therapy - Benefits of Learning Yoga Therapy and Understanding Its 7 Key Principles

Do you secretly wish you could share yoga with others so they too can benefit? Is he idea of teaching yoga a little scary? Have courage. Learn more by looking at key principles of yoga as a healing path.

Principle 1 - Yoga Therapy is the application of the science of yoga to enhance health and wellness. All 3 levels of the whole person are taken into consideration: body mind spirit.

Benefit - Anyone going through a life change, or a transition, can benefit from this therapy as it is much more than a yoga prescription for yoga exercises.

Principle 2 - Yoga Therapy recognizes that the body and mind will be balanced when an individual experiences a sense of oneness within. This is considered an awakening to the spiritual dimensions of life, and the key to health and healing.

Benefit - When body and mind imbalances manifest as a health condition, this is seen as a signal on life's healing path that there is disconnect with some level of our being.

Principle 3 - The healing path is unique to each individual. The techniques from the yoga tradition must be adapted and modified according to age, culture, religion, and specific physical challenge.

Benefit - However you are, whatever you are, at the right time and place, you can experience health and healing through the skilful application of yoga techniques.

Principle 4 - Yoga philosophy and psychology form the basis of Yoga Therapy and state that lack of knowledge of the true Self is the source of all dis-ease and illness.

Benefit - Even though symptoms are alleviated or have gone, health and healing is still possible at deeper levels of being.

Principle 5 - The 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga serve as the primary foundation of Yoga Therapy.

Benefit - In the Yoga Sutras there is a clear path to gain knowledge of the true Self. (1) Moral disciplines (2) Restraints (3) Postures (4) Breathing (5) Drawing senses inward (6) Concentration (7) Meditation (8) Ecstasy

Principle 6 - Yoga techniques must be combined with the vision of yoga and the healing path of yoga for a successful treatment.

Benefit - Health, healing and awakening are achieved through the integration of body mind spirit.

Principle 7 - While remaining rooted in Yoga Tradition, the Yoga Therapist brings his/her own knowledge, interests, and healing approaches to guide the client in balancing body and mind.

Benefit - The yoga therapist remains grounded in the vision and foundations of Yoga, and offers a unique and safer environment for the client to explore body mind and emotions on the path to health and healing.

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From Heather Greaves - Self Care Mentor and Body Therapies Yoga Training

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