Monday, 22 September 2008

6 Steps to Make a Yoga Routine of Your Own

Yoga brings peace to mind and relaxation to your body. Yoga has been practiced by many people for hundred of years now. Its one of those activities that will keep you busy for a very long time and it will keep you in a good physical and mental shape. The most popular types of yoga are kundalini and hatha. There are different exercises called sets in these yoga's. Here are some guidelines that will help you make a yoga routine of your own.

1. Never try to develop a yoga set if you are a beginner. Take some beginners classes first and practice some exercises. This will help you in selecting the right exercises; you don't want to cause any injury to yourself if you are beginner.

2. Make sure that your set is well balanced. By balancing one mean that exercises which stretches or twists your body in one direction should be balanced by stretches and twists in other direction. You should select exercises that will stretch your legs and arms equally. Also try to find exercises that will twist your body in both directions.

3. If you are planning to have Chakra exercises then better to move on the lower Chakra first and then move towards the upper Chakra.

4. Keep a good check on your breath. There are different breathing techniques for beginners and for experts. Always follow them as this will help to perform the yoga much better.

5. You should always have a small amount of rest between your yoga sets. This will help you to relax and help you to control the energy produced during your yoga.

6. If you are familiar to the yoga exercises and know that they are a bit difficult than it is best recommend to do some warm ups before starting the set. Always try to make a set that has easy exercises at the beginning and then it moves toward the difficult ones.

This will help you to warm you body muscles and will come useful when you are going to do the difficult sets. These warm ups and simple workouts will help in preventing any injury that may occur to you. If you body muscles are not completely warmed up then even a pro can have an injury.

There are a number of centers that offer yoga sets and training courses. You can always join them to learn more posture and it will also help you to perform different sets with more ease.

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