Friday, 19 September 2008

Yoga 5 Vital Steps to Have a Smooth Pregnancy

A smooth pregnancy is all woman dreams of. They don't want to experience hard labor when in childbirth, morning sickness and other things. With the help of Yoga Practice, they could have a smooth pregnancy. There are Yoga 5 Vital Steps for Pregnancy - if you practice it daily, it will greatly help you during and after pregnancy.

1. Yoga Exercises - When we are pregnant, we still need to exercise our body. Yoga is the best exercise for women that are pregnant. By doing Yoga Asanas, it will effect your pelvis and other reproductive organs to ensure you to have a smooth pregnancy. It can also help in childbirth, so you wont be having a hard labor.

2. Breathing / Pranayama - Yoga breathing techniques are essential in your yoga practice. This breathing will make sure that your body and your child will be receiving the oxygen supply needed.

3. Meditation - Meditation is one of the step for doing Yoga. So it is important to do this when you are pregnant. This will help you to ease your mind, and also help you to relief from fears, conflicts and neuroses. Because those are commonly happening during pregnancy. And although this seems impossible to be said, a lot of people says that, it also increase your incredible awareness, it says it could help you to connect yourself to your child.

4. Mudras and Bandhas - This is the practice of doing a hand gestures. There are a lot types of mudras in Yoga. It has a lot of effect on the reproductive organs.

5. Deep Relaxation - This deep relaxation is also called Yoga Nidra / Yogic Sleep. This relaxation will help you a lot to make your physical and mental to be relaxed. It also help you with the preparation for the childbirth.

Above are the steps that you need to have a smooth pregnancy. You must do those steps routinely to receive the benefits of Yoga.

Now, You see that Yoga is helpful to pregnant woman. Pregnancy Yoga is advised to pregnant woman. It is good to do Yoga for pregnancy, as long as you have the right guidance.

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