Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Yoga For Weight Loss - Achieve a Long, Lean Body Without Dieting Or Excessive Exercise

We start taking a yoga classed for a number of reasons. Often, having been told that we need more exercise, we look for some enjoyable class or experience. No one wants a repeat of high-school gym class. Others come to yoga to look better, lose a little weight, and stretch and lengthen their muscles. Experienced yogis develop a certain look: long, lean and sensuous.

Once we arrive at our first classes and get through the initial awkwardness of where to put our mats, what to wear so as not to look out of place, routine sets in. Some potential yogis drop out from boredom, or are simply looking for a different method to get fit. We who stay with our practice settle into a routine. The initial results that occurred, like becoming aware of muscles we did not know we had, or loosening up a tight and aching back, do not come as quickly.

Despite this, if we stick with it a while longer, something new happens. We start to "get it", and the real changes take place. While our bodies become more firm and suppler at the same time, changes occur in our minds. The mind becomes more firm as well, the discipline of attending practice begins to extend to other areas of our lives. We become more flexible, too. Keeping our commitments but adapting to other's needs.

When we start, often we come to yoga practice with the idea of getting in some physical exercise. Meditation, spiritual goals, and vegetarianism may be the furthest thing from our minds. After a while, we seem to relax our habitual tension, it is worn away slowly by our practice. Daily practice starts to seem like less of an exercise challenge and more of an interesting journey to be completed. Opportunities that were unnoticed before begin to present themselves.

Weight loss happens for many yogis at this point, aside from the few pounds that might have been shed on starting a new exercise routine. Food takes on a different significance in our lives, as we no longer need to take physical sustenance for our spiritual selves. At this point, many tend to experiment with vegetarianism, not as something forced or that we "should" do, but we find our desire for heavy foods and meats decreasing as our practice grows.

Even if you have not arrived at this point of natural weight loss from a changed attitude towards food, you will with persistence and mindful attention to your daily practice. There are resources that can help no matter what stage of the journey you are on. Starting with learning about vegetarianism from a yoga perspective might make the difference. Otherwise, adding a practice of breathing (pranayama) or concentration on thoughts (meditation) might bring you to that point.

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