Thursday, 4 September 2008

Yoga Accessories: A Crucial Part Of Modern Yoga Practice

The very mention of the word yoga brings before the curtain of mind, certain fit and glowing bodies doing their workout in difficult and strange postures. “The beauty mixed with strain” attract the onlookers and they get curious to know more about the art. A group of people doing various yoga asanas in an open park, early in the morning attracts the attention of people even now. Soon they become yoga enthusiasts and practitioners themselves.

Over a period, commercialization crept into the yoga arena. The number of yoga teachers and yoga institutes imparting the knowledge of yoga increased by leaps and bounds. Yoga became popular because it delivered results at three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga was no more a part of Indian traditions and her ancient wisdom.

It began to influence the western mind in a very strong way. Nay, it became their lifestyle. With the advent of the global yogis in the field of yoga, they began to experiment with various changes that were necessary to cope with this newfound enthusiasm of the masses. Indian yogis practiced non-attachment first before taking on yoga. They used to wear only a loin cloth, while practicing and teaching yoga to their students.

But with changing times, yoga accessories began to sprout and took the modern world by storm, along with the benefits of yoga. Any industry has to be run by the norms of the business world. Competition, craze, colors, quality, advertisement- all began to play their parts. The accessories promised that they will help one to achieve the maximum results and benefits of yoga sessions. And who is not fascinated by a fit body, free from illnesses and attractive yoga attire!

Thanks to the inquisitive and research-crazy minds of the modern Yogis, they told that when sitting in a cross-legged position, it is essential to put a blanket under your sit bones. Correct and convincing! Many blocks of different sizes were designed, as per the individual requirements!

The accessories market is flooded with products of all sorts, such as: mats, clothes, bolsters, blankets, straps, lotus tote, pilates, bags and carriers, balls, chairs and cushions, posture props, DVDs and Videos, latex resistance bands, soaps, kits, foam rollers, books, music and shoes!

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