Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Office Yoga - An Easy Way to Keep Fatigue at Bay

Office yoga is the latest craze among people who spend 8 -12 hours every day in front of a PC. It is nothing but a simplified form of a few yogic postures. Working on a PC takes its toll on your health. Apart from constant strain on your eyes, you also get neck pain and numbness in fingers.

Office yoga is just a way to avoid some of modern lifestyle diseases like stiffness in back and neck. Simply exercising your wrist and fingers at regular intervals may keep numbness in fingers at bay. The simple techniques involves standing on your feet and stretching your arms in front of your chest at shoulder lever horizontal to the floor and move your wrist upwards and downward . Try to touch your forearms though it is not possible it stretches the upper wrist therefore keeps them fit .This exercise can be done either with clenched fist or loose fingers.

Second most important part to be effected by the PC screen is your eyes. Do not keep looking at the monitor continuously. At regular intervals move your eyes from the screen and try to focus on something at a distance. Rotating your eyes in clockwise and anticlockwise direction is a good exercise for your eyes. Care should be taken to let the eyes relax for a minute before resuming work. Office yoga can be performed easily if you have enough space behind your seat. Simply stretch your back as much as possible to keep your spine flexible. The more flexible is your back the healthier you feel.

No matter what your desk set up is, you can always perform office yoga if you take it seriously. If your desk has no space you can always take a few minutes break or use some yoga kits and accessories which are available at throwaway prices.

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