Saturday, 27 September 2008

Great Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a practice of performing different postures or a spiritual activity of getting free from worldly worries and sufferings. Yoga sees mind body and soul as one and creates a connection between them. It is practice of making you aware of your own body and it's not just an exercise but a journey to find peace within yourself and a process of self-realization. Many of its benefits are:

Yoga is a form of exercise which incorporates the use of your mind and soul and body. Through yoga a person remains calm and improves his inner self. Yoga is a form of meditation too which helps a person in the development of his concentration skills. Many types require you to empty your mind of all thoughts and let your mind get free of all emotions and sentiments.

It is a practice of learning selflessness, which teaches compassion towards other beings and will make you a righteous person. In many types you are required to concentrate on the power of love and devotion, which help you develop your inner self.

The skill of concentrating learnt during yoga will help you focus in your daily routine, and not let your brain entangle in petty matters. Yoga is the practice of finding yourself. It is a way to bring out your strengths polish them and negate all the negativity within. It is to find contention in what you are blessed with It helps you develop self-control and discipline and manipulate your emotions.

Yoga is a means to calm yourself and concentrate on the Higher Being. It is a way to develop a connection between you and God and enhance your spiritual skills.

Yoga is a practice of performing different postures, which help in getting rid of many ailments like headaches. It helps you control blood pressure and temperature, respiratory problems, heart rate and improves your metabolic and immune system. It improves your nervous system and helps in reducing stress.

It increases your muscle strength and physical fitness. The practice increases your flexibility, balance and tones your muscles. Yoga massages all the parts of your body and organs and glands. The stretching of spine builds your vigilance and improves the health of your heart. The deep breathing helps in the strengthening of lower back parts of your body.

The exercise lubricates your joints and makes use of even those muscles which you might not regularly use in your daily routine. The good circulation due to the light exercise helps in diminishing of toxins from the body. This helps in delayed aging and fills a person with energy and vigor.

It increases your energy levels and develops equilibrium between your mind and body.

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